A Surgeon’s Knot

The book began on a tense note as something went horribly wrong in the surgical ward, where Mr. Simpson was being treated. The tension and suspense could be felt quite early in the book as Doctor Jackson Cooper and a team battled to save Simpson’s life. Credit must be given to the author for making activities in the book to appear so real. Mr. Simpson’s eventual death turned into a rude awakening for Jackson who was only an intern, and his first day as a doctor.

The story is told through the perspective of Jackson, and the plot centers mainly on issues and activities that take place in the hospital. The way every activity is explained, down to the minute detail is quite impressive and shows that the author either has well-grounded real life experience or did extensive research on the things that transpires in the hospital—the highs and lows as well as the emotions and suspense that are felt when patients are being treated.

The plot may not be too versatile since it focused mainly on the hospital but it is rich enough to keep the reader enthralled.

It’s a perfect story and aside being interesting, the Surgeon’s Knot would be a delight to anyone that needs to know explicit details of what takes place in our hospitals.


BIO: William Lynes, MD is a Stanford trained physician, urologist, author and physician advocate. His first novel is Pirates, Scoundrels and Kings, a fantasy/adventure work of fiction. Subsequent medical genre fiction works include Luger Rounds, 606 University, Sweet Amber, The Plumber and Huntsville. A Surgeon’s Knot is his most recent work. He is the father of three grown sons and lives with his wife Patrice in Temecula California.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Suspense