The book commenced on a tense note as SHANNON KENDRICKS, its main character, stood at a research center’s underwater complex, situated twenty-six feet underneath the Alaskan sea.  Naturally gifted with the ability to foretell events even before they occur with magical precision, Shannon suddenly had a sense of foreboding that danger lay ahead. Not even the assurance that the underwater complex was hurricane and ship-collision proof could assuage her troubled soul. It wasn’t just missing Juneau (a beluga whale she is not only fond of but one she is in telepathy with) that was troubling her, it was about something worse, but unfortunately, she couldn’t tell exactly what it was and she couldn’t possibly raise alarm without having any concrete evidence to show.

Aside the rich plot, what makes this book refreshingly exciting is its well developed and funny characters. Steve, Dakota, and Rod often left me rolling on the floor with laughter, alright not literally, but it is quite hard to read such funny lines from them without at least smiling.

Other characters in the book include Luke, Dr. Copper, Salesti, Essi, Dr. Moon, Kota, Narci (Shanon’s cat).

Unknown to Shanon, what destroyed the UC was Roebor, an alien that fell to earth. However, losing Luke, Kota and Juneau would eventually take a toll on her.

Power Multiplied is quite an interesting work of fiction.

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction