Sourced In Silence

Sourced in Silence is poetry like no other, it passes its message in a deeply touching way that is lyrically pleasant to the ear, especially when read aloud.

It is radically different in its style of conveyance and has wide ranging topics that encompasses diverse areas of life. Each page has imagery that helps to project the idea being passed across.

The author carefully scripted Sourced in Silence in such a way that each page not only tells a refreshing story but also ends with a call to action that is meant to inspire the reader—all of these encapsulated in a few short lines!

This book will no doubt enliven those who are depressed, motivate the weak, encourage the strong and indeed, inspire all that reads it with an open mind.


BIO: A human life is defined by the threads that tie it together. My journey has been wedded to a passion for progressive social change. Add a woman’s quest for autonomy while raising two girls and you’ll have a sense of the kind of life I have lived.
I spent twenty-two years involved in the AIDS epidemic. Most of that time I supplied education and prevention programs nationwide with educational materials, along with my colleagues at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and later on at Impact AIDS. After moving to Sonoma County I cared for people living with HIV/AIDS in a residential care setting. Throughout, I saw how love and fear, courage and commitment change the world.
In 1995, I founded the One World Peace Foundation, an online educational resource designed to foster progressive change based on an unshakeable respect for truth, peace and freedom.

Genre: Inspirational, Spiritual