Starburst over China


Starburst over China is part of the thrilling series about a super cop named Lt. Jim Sato and an unlikely partner, Gilda Dobrowski, a psychic who teamed up with him and together they were able to preempt some deadly terrorist attacks on US soil. It has been five years now since the last major success against Abdul Ahmad and his terrorist organization, but a government agency once again is in need of their help. This time around, the DIA headquarters want to covertly infiltrate China and were hoping to use the duo on such critical mission. It was no doubt a dirty job but his passion about saving the country and protecting the people will always rank higher than any other consideration.

Major characters in the book include Judy Sato, Arthur Donnelly, Allen Kosovich, Daniel Starkey, Dr. Wayne Trunnell, and Wei Fangui etc.

Going on a secret operation code-named CHINCHILLA in the communist country could pose a serious threat to them but they can only hope to succeed. Just like the earlier books in the series, Starburst over China is a thrilling and highly entertaining book—a page turner!

Genre: Psychological, Suspense, Thriller