The Little Bird


Jesse was more than a friend to Shane; they had shared a lot together while growing up. Jesse had always been there for him since his mother died and he was left all alone. However, it was still an era when African Americans were still treated as sub humans and wouldn’t be allowed to mingle with Whites. While Shane was white and faced no discrimination, Jesse on the other hand was of African American decent. Then an incident happened that would forever change Shane’s life beyond the trajectory he would have wanted to go. As he watched helplessly from a distance while a drunken cop was beating Jesse to death, a part of him died.

Shane’s ambition was reduced to just ensuring he gets vengeance for Jesse at all costs, no matter how long it might take. However, he didn’t envisage that a beautiful soul like Suzanne would appear down the road. She was born “a little bird” and was destined to bring a new meaning to his life.

Characters in the book include Jesse, Shane, Sergeant Talley, Toby, Medic, Roland, Saul, Elise, Stavros, and Eunice among others.

The Little Bird is a thrilling story about love, romance and adventure. The reader is assured of having a great time going through it!

Genre: Crime, Psychological