Kayla was beautiful, intelligent and of course hopeful of a bright future that will take her away from the Pavilion, stuck deep in one of St. Croix’s notorious ghettoes. But as they say, life happened to her and she inadvertently became a single mother struggling to make ends meet, and her childhood dreams all looking like a mirage.

Characters in the book include Omari Smith, Margo, Samaria, Adjoni, Malik, Michael, Elena, Arlina Bishop, Richard Patterson, Chad Fenley, Clay Barnes, and John McAllister among others.

The story centers on Kayla Jackson, a single mother of two who had to do all she could to provide for her kids. She understood the odds weren’t in her favor but she was determined to keep pushing regardless of what fate has in stock for her. When it seemed like there was light at the end of the tunnel, Richard came into her life. Would his presence build on the momentum or would it take the sails out of it like Omari had done earlier in her life?

Trade Winds of the Heart is a refreshing and captivating story that captured most of the challenges people of color, who find themselves at the lower levels of the food chain, often face in their lives.

BIO: Krystina Powells was born in St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands. She is a wife and mother of a very energetic little girl who has a vivid and inexhaustible imagination. Krystina’s longtime love of history and knack for storytelling along with her experiences in the Caribbean inspire her to take readers on a journey that goes far beyond the beaches and straight into the hearts and homes of the local people.

The cultural nuances of life in the Caribbean islands which Krystina has lived on or has visited over and over again have made her appreciate that humor is found in the most unexpected places. Through her stories, readers will experience life, love, and laughter in the islands from a genuinely unique perspective.

Krystina Powells is a passionate author who chooses to playfully address issues that some may shy away from while focusing on the often forgotten jewels of the sea which many call ‘home’.


Genre: Contemporary, Romance