Wolf Omega


Gabriella was married off at the tender age of fifteen by her poor parents who were desperate to have fewer mouths to feed. However, no one knew it was going to result in untold tragedy. After suffering two miscarriages and a cheating husband who eventually murdered her father and made life miserable for her, Gabriella emerged from the throes of misfortune to acquire extraordinary powers. Would she let go and forgive her oppressors or will she go all out on a revenge mission.

Major characters in the book include Signore Alfonsi, Sofia Vervio, Ferrante Vervio, Father Piero, Apollonia, Tommaso, Savia, Duccio, Sempronio and Maximo etc.

Wolf Omega is a very interesting paranormal book that captured the harrowing experiences people were made to pass through in parts of Europe when civilization was yet to take root. At 466 pages, this book is quite voluminous yet loaded with thrilling adventure from cover to cover!

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Suspense