You Don’t Want to Get Married

Denzel was tall, handsome and charming, and it was only natural when Jasmine found herself falling head over heels in love with him. It was a feeling Denzel shared mutually with her, considering she was equally pretty and easygoing. However, a past romantic affair Denzel had with another woman who also bore kids for him became a threat to an otherwise amazing relationship. Trying to overcome the challenges proved to be a hard nut to crack but would love be enough to see them through? Even when setting the wedding date is not a guarantee that it will eventually hold.

Other characters include Penny, Michelle, Chloe, Gina, Tammy, LD, Jason etc.

This book is a classic example of how family interests can affect marriage and why true love would always triumph over other considerations. It has an interesting plot a good number of people will easily identify with.


BIO: Latesha Kellam is a romance author who writes books inspired by her life
experiences. She published her debut novel, The Match Disaster in the
beginning of 2020. Her first novel received glowing reviews and she has
since been working on her trilogy titled, “You Don’t Want…”. She is
definitely an author with many fascinating stories to tell.

Genre: Romance