The Very Delicious Strawberry: Twenty Illustrated Zen Stories Adapted for Children – by Tim Johnson – Review

I loved the little tales in this ebook by Tim Johnson. At first sight the simple language may lead you to think this is a kiddie book but don’t get fooled by its simplicity because this eBook contains powerful messages inside, wrapped in little tales. I like the story on Samurai warrior, mainly because of this one line which I agree with all my heart: “Tomorrow is tomorrow. Today is today. The only moment to concern yourself with is now. Smile.” So true and pithy but how many modern books teach us such simple and universal truths?

The next story teaches us that we human beings are never happy with what we have and want more, only to be disillusioned like the stone cutter in the end; a parallel story can be found in “The wishing tree” which subtly teaches us that the law of attraction and the power of the mind. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. Honestly some of the stories are more engaging than even Aesop’s fables (a few in fact seems to be inspired by those and Jataka tales)! Needless to say, this is some book which can be enjoyed by readers of all ages, whether or not you have any interest in the Zen philosophy or Buddhism.

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