Rock And Roll Children

One peculiar thing about nonfiction books is how natural and relatable they can be. This book is refreshing and enjoyable to read, and will certainly bring back memories of the good old days and how much the world has changed …

Praying for a Miracle

Praying for a Miracle When it’s Hopeless is an emotional book that will bring even the stone-hearted to tears. It teaches lots of lessons and can be an inspiration to anyone who is hit by life’s vicissitudes and encourage them …

Finding Medusa

Flipping the pages of this book will give the younger generation an idea of how life used to be and a nostalgic feeling to older people. The challenges, triumphs as well as the tragedies Donna experienced could bring tears to …

Last Exit to Montauk

The story has a tragic ending, as a car accident terminated what could be described as modern day Romeo and Juliet love affair or better still, the epic soul rending effect of the Titanic shipwreck.

The Brindle

The book has a good plot that was complimented with outstanding characters, a combination that made reading it addictive and interesting by all standards.