My House

My House is an interesting story that revolves around love, family, and passion. It is the sort of book no reader will want to drop until they read the last page.


Just as the name implies, A Family at War is a book that captured the adventures, horrors, tragedy and emotions that flare up during warfare—a touching story that promises to hold you spellbound till the end.

Yoga – A Love Story

Yoga is not just a thrilling love book with lots of intriguing adventures, but one with several lessons that can help readers to develop clearer insights about life. However, a significant portion of the book may appear stranger than fiction …


Just as the name implies, the plot weaves through snowy landscape scenery and tundra like conditions. The use of magic and sorcery as well as field battles by belligerent forces all combine to make Temple of Ice a thrilling book …

To Worship

At just 149 pages long, To Worship is a relatively short book but one that will certainly keep readers on the edge. It also has steamy sex scenes that form part of the plot. It is a book you may …


The characters are well developed, and the plot, based on college lifestyle, is equally thrilling. This book is a page-turner and would no doubt keep any reader engrossed till the very end.