The Journalist

The Journalist is a short story with a good plot and was narrated in a simplistic way thus making it refreshing and enjoyable to read. It is a book that will certainly keep its reader turning the pages till it …

Torment in the Wind

The story was told in a first person narrative, through the perspective of its protagonist. Torment in the Wind is a thrilling yet enlightening book that revealed the inter-connectivity between law enforcement agencies and the judiciary—a classic book in its …

One Moonlit Night

Moonlit Night 2 is a captivating thriller, complete with love, suspense, violence, gore and tragedy. It will surely keep the reader’s heart pulsating as each page is flipped till the very end.

Bird in a Snare

Bird in a Snare captured some of the intrigues that usually take place when there is a power struggle within a kingdom and its vassal states. Aside the difficult to pronounce names in the book, it still remains quite interesting …


One noticeable feature about this book is the in-depth way the author narrates events, which makes it easy for the reader to grasp everything, in a way that is akin to watching a motion picture.


The book is concise and quite exciting as it has more than its fair share of violence, gore, romance, love and betrayal—all combined to make it thrilling.