The Journalist

The Journalist is a short story with a good plot and was narrated in a simplistic way thus making it refreshing and enjoyable to read. It is a book that will certainly keep its reader turning the pages till it …


The CODE Conspiracy is captivating thriller with a futuristic plot. A story of love, emotion, passion, and conspiracy, a pulsating book that would most likely keep its reader addicted until the very end.

Art Lemon

Art Lemon is an emotional but inspiring story with lots of lessons on perseverance, determination and courage. It is a story that will make anyone’s day!

One Moonlit Night

Moonlit Night 2 is a captivating thriller, complete with love, suspense, violence, gore and tragedy. It will surely keep the reader’s heart pulsating as each page is flipped till the very end.


Slaves of Men and Gods, is a highly entertaining and enlightening book most readers will certainly find intriguing. It equally has a glossary page that explained the local terms/phrases used in the book.


Epiphany’s Gift is a suspenseful thriller that will set any reader’s heartbeat racing, as one ominous scene tumbles into another. The author did a great job of narrating events in a gripping way, thus making it seem so real.